All Parts Sold As-Is

All of our circuit boards, unless otherwise specified, are pulled from working units. All items sold AS-IS with no warranty, and for testing purposes only. There are no warranties, no returns, no refunds.

All of our individual parts, like resistors, DLP chips and capacitors are brand new. Due to the nature of electronics, there are no warranties on new components.

Notice to the General Public

TVrepairtips.org is a B2B parts supplier and TV repair tips database. However, we understand that sometimes, individual DIYer's have the desire to save time, money. We understand that need and we are happy to announce that we are open for business to the General Public as prescribed below.

We want the General Public to understand that fixing TV's is no simple matter. TV repair involves a lot of nuances and specialized knowledge of closed circuit systems where it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact problem, despite what any "tech manual" or tech support may prescribe as a solution. Inexperience in TV repair can cause damage to new circuit boards and parts when trying to test replacement parts. Another common mistake we see from non-professionals is ordering the wrong part. Many models have different versions and only the exact version will work for any particular set.

Policy for the General Public

The General Public is welcome to purchase from our site under these guidelines:

  • All General Public purchases on this website are AS-IS.
  • No refunds will be issued on General Public purchases.

We do not offer any warranty on purchases made by the General Public. Purchases are AS IS.

*These terms are subject to change without notice.

If an item is ordered, it is presumed that the buyer has read, understood, and accepts wholly and completely: that it is a binding contract, and the terms and conditions as prescribed herein, but not limited to, TVrepairtips.org policies.

Thank you for choosing the TVrepairtips.org parts store for your electronic parts! We look forward to having you as our customer.